.Net2 release

.Net2 release

Reflex has been upgraded to operate under version 2 of Microsoft’s .Net Framework.

In keeping with its status as a technology leader and Microsoft partner, Coroni Technology has upgraded its flexible benefits software, Reflex, to operate under the latest version of Microsoft’s .Net Framework.

Reflex has been available for just over a year now and has in that time picked up a good portfolio of clients through direct sales and Coroni’s partner channel. The latest customer to go live, the UK arm of a large financial organisation, is enjoying the technology benefits of the framework as well as new features in the application.

Director Dave Phillimore has worked in partnership with Microsoft in the UK and in the United States,

As with any important change, planning and testing was most important. We took the opportunity to upgrade both the new customer, and an existing customer at the same time. Once the upgrade was implemented and tested, a schedule for the other customers could be arranged

The upgrade was painless; version 1 and 2 applications are able to run in the same environment and other than the new application features, the existing customers notice no change

The environment upgrade allows Coroni to embed reports within the application using Microsoft Reporting Services as well as providing the developers with more tools. Plans to upgrade the whole customer base are now complete.