2007-08 half year figures

2007-08 half year figures

Coroni Technology looks forward to a record-breaking year 2007-08 and is in shape to assist partners offer world class service.

The software specialist has invested in new developments this year to widen its Reflex software portfolio; developments which are now on general release.

A new absence management application is in service as a holiday and sickness recording tool with Hitachi and Renesas.

A second development, Equity, a share-trading application was released last month.

New developments contributed to success during the year, but continued flexible benefit licence sales drive much of the growth.

The largest benefits service deal in Europe this year was accomplished in partnership with Coroni’s benefit and payroll partners, all of whom have a ‘white-labelled’ version of the application, branded as their own.

2007-08 highlights

  • 250% increase in client numbers
  • 166% increase in the average client size
  • 310% increase in licence software users
  • 100% increase in reseller partnerships
  • 280% increase in dividends
  • 600% increase in pre-dividend profit
  • 10% decrease in costs