Hosting Switch – No Hitch

Hosting Switch – No Hitch

For 2010, all Coroni customers and partners will benefit from improved hardware, software and associated services following a successful upgrade of the award-winning hosting solution.

The existing hosting platform has handled an increasing number of clients, some with many tens of thousands of users, as Coroni enjoyed record new business in 2009.

Technical Director, David Phillimore, outlines the strategy,

We monitor the systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week to maintain a continuity of service, but equally importantly we undertake an annual review of technology to ensure the application runs on the most appropriate equipment. Following the latest review we are able to consolidate some services and move the applications onto more robust and powerful CISCO™ servers

New and existing clients are afforded the same level of security and availability, both of which are tested independently at least every six months,

Fewer users rely on the service during the Christmas period so it presented an ideal opportunity to upgrade the service, even though it meant additional work for the company’s technical specialists. We tested moving the client databases and application software during November and early December

The preparation paid-off as the upgrade went remarkably smoothly. The service was down overnight on the 24th Dec and back again for Christmas morning.