Academy Links Strengthened

Academy Links Strengthened

For several years, GCSE and A level students from Thomas Deacon Academy have visited Coroni Technology’s Peterborough offices to experience software development in operation.

This year’s meeting takes place at the Academy’s impressive Technology College.

Coroni lectures on the use of technology in business


ICT Subject Leader at the College, David Tearle, appreciates the collaboration

I am grateful for Coroni’s continued support over the past 4 years, allowing our A level students to study the company’s use of IT. The students appreciate the benefit of seeing applications in the real world; their perception of the industry from school can be, at best, academic. With Coroni’s help it makes what they learn real

It is a mutually beneficial arrangement, insists Business Director, Kevin Shepherd

The students get the chance to include a case-study on our operations as part of their course work and we pick-up fresh ideas. The presentation includes several examples of enhancements identified in previous visits which are now incorporated into our business processes

Since its formation five years ago, Coroni has opened its offices to local students from Peterborough and Deeping schools who are interested in studying Information Technology at university

The tutoring and the breadth of facilities available in the College are impressive and students have a good understanding of technology. Some students ask to spend time here on placement during their school holidays, before university or between terms, and we are always glad to help

The seminars include a question and answer session, an overview of emerging technologies and discussion on the business improvement opportunities they offer.