Network upgrade

Network upgrade

Superfast broadband arrives in Minerva Business Park just in time for Christmas.

Coroni Technology is quick off the mark with plans to upgrade its network.

The network improvements over the Christmas holiday take advantage of faster broadband speeds; a service available through new fibre optic cable upgrades at its Peterborough office.

The company prides itself in offering a first-class service and part of that ethos is staying at the forefront of technology. Development Director, David Phillimore, who made similar network improvements last winter, is looking forward to the change.

To minimise disruption to client operations, work will be undertaken between the Christmas and New Year period ensuring the new service is ready for the development team’s return from the holiday break.

We have exciting development plans for 2011 and it is important the team has the best network architecture and tools available to deliver quickly

Redundancy is built into all our hardware and networks to ensure business continuity. Consequently we have the capability and capacity to switch services

Phillimore is confident the network change will be as successful as last year’s hosting upgrade which caused no disruption to service and was finished within two hours.