Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

This month Coroni Technology’s Reflex product has been used by customers for five years.

Mourant, the first to licence the software in January 2005, is currently planning its seventh annual enrolment.

Back in October 2004, the growth of the law business placed too much strain on an existing paper-based system and help was sought from its payroll provider. They turned to partner and development specialists, Coroni, who took the software to Jersey for a trial.

Within weeks the software was available to Mourant’s high-value employees in the Channel Islands and the UK and was rolled out around Europe, America, the Caribbean and Asia over the next few months.

In the years following the launch the client list and size of the clients has grown year-on-year; the last three clients having an average of 17,000 users.

The software and the hosting service have expanded with the customer-base and the software is now used by several benefit consultancy companies as well as two of the UK’s best-known payroll service providers.