Year-End results feed new development

Year-End results feed new development

Coroni Technology posted impressive results for the financial year ending Oct 2010 as a result of increasing client use of Reflex products.

Previous investments in infrastructure ensure Reflex operates as well for a small client with several dozen employees and for an international client with tens of thousands of users. It is this investment which helps to explain the impressive results.

This year we have seen a 40% increase in turnover arising from more users – both in terms of the number and perhaps more importantly, the size of clients. Developing a scaleable product from the outset was key to our growth plans

Clients will see enhancements to the Reflex application phased-in throughout 2011/12 to take advantage of new browser capabilities. In addition we shall be launching two new products – one in 2011 and one in 2012, both of which attack new areas of the market where we believe there is a massive potentialFinance Director, David Phillimore

The business plans for 2011/12 include short, medium and long-term changes to the current Reflex offerings and the completion of brand new products.

Developments are on schedule with a beta release of one product on release to selected users and a launch likely in late summer. The second new product is in the final stages of development and, once vigorous testing is completed, shall be available for re-sale to selected partners.