Co-operation is the key

Co-operation is the key

The largest independent co-operative in the UK engages Coroni Technology to expand its flexible benefit scope.

For a long time, The Co-operative has offered its clients flexible benefits packages based on ethical values.
Now it is bringing the same ethos to a new benefits portal offering an even wider range of goods and services.

An extensive range of work benefits is supplemented by comprehensive voluntary benefits and a host of new applications including total reward, auto-enrolment, absence management and payroll.

I have worked with Coroni to develop a flexible benefits portal that proves to be a recruitment and retention tool for employers. The Flexible Benefits portal is more than just a rewards package, it a communication tool which can be used to engage employees and really demonstrate how valuable they are to a business.

My experience of Coroni is that they really understand what their customers want, they are experts in this field and offer nothing less than a world class service.
Project Sponsor, Dalvinder Purewal