Three More for Auto Enrolment

Three More for Auto Enrolment

Pension auto enrolment affects many thousands of businesses this year and next. Coroni Technology software assesses the workforce and provides compliant communications.

The software is designed to take the strain out of auto-enrolment processing and this month three more businesses, ranging in size from 40 to 200 employees, entrusted the auto-enrolment to Coroni.

A simple payroll interface captures qualifying earnings for the period, the employees are assessed and their status determined before emails or letters are produced to inform them of the impact and their choices.

Finally, a payroll extract is produced to ensure contributions are taken, where appropriate.

Coroni has worked with major pension providers such as NEST, People’s Pension, Scottish Widows and Legal and General to provide automated data extracts for their systems. The whole process is achieved in three simple steps.