MourantOzannes (Mourant) is a specialist professional services group with a vision to be an acknowledged leader in international advisory and outsourcing services. Mourant originates from the world-renowned offshore law firm, Mourant du Feu & Jeune, founded in Jersey in 1947, which now is one of the world's largest and most highly respected offshore law firms. Mourant’s particular talent over many years has been to re-invent itself in response to client needs, always building on strengths it has developed in earlier ventures. Today Mourant is a multi-disciplinary professional services business, owned entirely by its employees, serving diverse international markets and operating in six jurisdictions with plans to continue to extend its geographical reach.


Mourant have been operating a sophisticated and successful flexible benefits scheme since 2000. The workforce has grown over that time and the HR department has been keen to extend the benefit choices available each year to ensure the company continues to attract and retain the best talent.

Mourant’s goal was to communicate a total reward culture while reducing the administration burden placed on the HR department when employees elect their flexible benefits.


Coroni’s Reflex flexible benefits application was chosen to deliver the management of benefits, including eligibility and funding, and to enable online, self-service enrolment by employees. The self-service application replaces Mourant’s existing spreadsheets and manual data entry for the recording of benefit eligibility and the calculation of flex funds.

Coroni’s use of the .Net technology platform matched the in-house standards employed in Mourant’s own highly-developed fund management systems and the Reflex integration capabilities ensured HR and Payroll interfaces were simple and robust. Mourant also took advantage of the additional functionality afforded by the Reflex online Total Reward Statements.


Reflex captures all the HR data which determines eligibility for benefits and the automatically calculates the flex funding available to each employee based on data such as grade, length of service, location and existing benefits. Each employee is then able to select benefits via the intranet or Internet and model a package of benefits to suit their lifestyle. Default models are pre-defined to give employees a head start in their selection and once enrolment has ended, the appropriate payments and deductions are automatically set up, with the correct tax regime, in Mourant’s payroll application.

The benefits administrator is able to monitor the progress of employees and send regular reminders throughout the enrolment period to those yet to start modelling. In addition, benefit overrides are handled simply within the application.

Jacqui Audrain, senior HR manager at Mourant commented: "The Coroni flexible benefits solution is a good product, simple and easy to use. It presents each individual employee with a comprehensive look at his or her sophisticated reward package. As such, it has met our objective of moving towards a total reward culture. The solution does not require a lot of training, looks good and is stylish”.


Coroni’s Reflex application provided a solution to Mourant’s immediate benefit administration problem and permitted employees to continue to take advantage of their forward-thinking benefit scheme. The software was implemented to time and budget and the highly configurable nature of the product enabled Mourant to extend the service to a wider set of employees including some in Europe and the Middle East.

For the future, Mourant will make use of improved reports and a recruitment benefit modelling facility to ensure they remain ahead of their rivals in candidate selection for their expanding business.